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The institutes forming the AIM@SHAPE consortium
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Network Industrial Group (NIG)
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Our general collaboration and clustering activities started from the beginning of the project and our cooperation efforts and outcomes increases as our project matures and as its results evolve, in particular those associated with the Digital Shape Workbench (Workpackage WP2) and the ontologies developed within the ontology clustering activities (Workpackage WP1). The following three different classes of projects with co-operation potential have been identified: (1) Projects that develop educational material, theories, practicalities and specific tools in the area of Knowledge Management and Representation (2) Projects that are attempting to semantically organize their content in a manner similar to ours, (3) Projects that are not explicitly considering organizing the knowledge of their multimedia content but could benefit from the AIM@SHAPE JPA actions in general. AIM@SHAPE is surely open to any possible concrete collaboration actions with projects in these three categories and maybe beyond. Below is a list of projects with such cooperation potentiality. AIM@SHAPE is already in close contact with some of them collaborating with them at various levels and several ways.
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